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26 Oct 2023

Rangiuru orchard manager chooses Ag-Steel’s stringing poles for quality and durability.

Ag-Steel by Industrial Tube offers a suite of horticultural products, including the well-known Ag-Beam, that enable kiwifruit growers to plan for future crop-laden vines.

Ag-Steel’s technical sales manager Mike Posa says the stringing pole is also a substantial structure for kiwifruit orchardists. As with Ag-Beams, Ag-Steel stringing poles are made of high-grade galvanised steel and are easy to install.

“Orchardists we spoke to were looking for a stringing pole system that was strong enough to carry the weight of supporting canes over many years,” says Posa.

“Using Ag-Beam quality steel, we are confident we’ve developed a system to achieve this and are very happy with the result,” he adds.

After reading about Ag-Steel’s stringing poles in an industry magazine, Rangiuru orchard manager Krish Deuja contacted Ag-Steel, reassured by the known quality of Ag-Beam.

Krish and orchard owner Rob Bayly met with Mike at the orchard to inspect samples of the poles.

“We were looking for a stronger steel solution for our stringing poles, as we have tried several options and needed to replace some failing imported steel poles,” Deuja recalls.

“We have a large amount of Ag-Beam on the orchard, and we know how good the quality is. These stringing poles are made of the same material, so I know they will be strong enough,” he says.

“We also liked the fact that they are New Zealand-made, so the delivery will be prompt. We both thought, why not order them?” Deuja said.

Dealing directly with the manufacturer for the bulk order was also a bonus, Deuja says, as they were able to have a broader discussion about the product’s technical aspect and were impressed to see another new product available, the Ag-Support Post.

“The stringing poles have been easy to install, with a good number of screws holding each bracket, and you can see they will be strong”.

The poles are available in three standard lengths, 4m, 4.5m and 5m, manufactured from strong grade 310 (min 310 mpa) steel with a Z450 galvanised coating providing superior weather protection.

In addition to the strength, there are multiple benefits to using the Ag-Steel range of products, including being suitable for organic orchards and minimised insect and fungal accumulation due to the smooth steel surfaces. Steel is 100% recyclable, making it one of the most sustainable resources and ensuring Ag-Steel products aren’t just great for growers but also for the environment.

Ag-Steel’s stringing poles are an ideal choice for orchardists seeking dependable structures designed not just for today but for the fruitful years ahead.

Having worked with the kiwifruit industry for over ten years, Mike Posa understands the importance of providing a quality product, excellent service, and offering solid technical advice.

If you are interested in discussing Ag-Steel structural support products, contact us today.

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