What power tools are best suited to install Ag-Tripost?

We recommend using a 36 Volt Cordless Hammer Drill for larger installations but a 18 Volt Hammer Drill will still work in most soil conditions and on smaller projects. As long as it’s SDS Plus compatible our custom drill bit will fit into it.

What is the life span of Ag-Beam and Ag-Tripost in normal conditions?

There are many examples of Ag-Beam structures that have been up for 20+ years. We expect the same sort of performance from Ag-Triposts.

Do I need to tek screw the Ag-Tripost to the Ag-Beam?

We recommend using an Ag-Fix 12x20 Hex Metal Screw (x 2) to fix the Ag-Beam to the Ag-Tripost. Although the weight of the plant canopy will hold the Ag-Beam in the Ag-Tripost channel, the Ag-Fix screw will protect against the post moving laterally in the event that it’s knocked.

What length of Ag-Beam sleeve should I purchase?

A normal Ag-Beam Joiner sleeve is 400mm in length. This will be sufficient in most circumstances. For added structural strength a long joiner can be placed over the post. For example a 1.000m Heavy Joiner over each post will reduce the unsupported span of the Ag-Beam by 1.0m post to post.

What is the normal delivery time for Ag-Steel range?

Normally we have Ag-Beam Mill Runs each month (other than December) with deliveries in the last half of each month. If you placed your order in the first half of the month you could expect delivery last half of the month. This year (2022), at least in the short-term, material availability will be tight. We advise that you place your order early, and build in some delay if material availability is affected by Covid or other factors outside our control.

Is the price of Ag-Beam freight inclusive?

Yes, Mill Run delivery to the Western BOP, South Auckland and Waikato is free of charge. In most situations this includes Hiab offload. For delivery outside of these regions there is a freight surcharge based on the delivery address. So they are not disadvantaged, a portion of the cost of freight to customers in outlying areas is offset by our freight rebate. Ex-Stock deliveries can incur a freight charge, also offset by our freight rebate.

Can Ag-Steel be stored in the shipment bundle for an extended period of time?

No. New Ag-Steel needs to be exposed to normal atmospheric conditions for the Zinc coating to season to its fully protective state. All stored or unused bundles of Ag-Steel must be filleted, as pictured, by separating individual beams with dry, untreated timber. Long-term storage in this fashion is best achieved in a well-ventilated shelter giving protection from the weather.

Do you recommend placing Ag-Beam directly on top of treated timber posts when constructing your orchard pergola?

No. Best practice would be to separate the Ag-Beam from the treated post with a layer of damp-proof course.


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