About Us


Ag-Steel is Industrial Tube Manufacturing’s range of steel products for New Zealand’s horticultural industry. All our Ag-Steel products are designed and produced in our locally owned and operated tube mill in Hamilton.
The steel in Ag-Steel’s product range started life 2.5 million years ago from volcanic rock deposited on the West Coast of New Zealand.


Ag-Steel’s Ag-Tripost and Ag-Pole products are low cost solutions for conventional or organic orchards, providing a high quality, cost-effective system to replace treated timber posts prone to leaching CCA. These steel alternatives eliminate CCA hot spots and help to future proof land values.


Ag-Steel products are manufactured to a consistent specification and meet all Industrial Tube’s strict manufacturing quality controls. Steel surfaces are clean and smooth, minimising insect and fungal accumulation seen in other materials.


Steel used in all Ag-Steel products is 100% recyclable and can be repurposed multiple times. The material’s life cycle makes it one of the most sustainable resources and ensures Ag-Steel products aren’t just great for growers, they’re good for the environment too.

Ag-Steel by Industrial Tube is a division of Industrial Tube Manufacturing

Industrial Tube is a 100% privately owned and operated company formed in 1985 under the visionary leadership of its founder Peter Green.

Total commitment to genuine customer service, a positive working environment for staff and continual improvement strategies sees the company as a significant manufacturer of steel tubing in New Zealand. From its Hamilton City manufacturing base - just 120km south of Auckland - Industrial Tube is strategically placed to logistical freight networks and major shipping ports. This enables prompt and cost-effective service to NZ customers as well as its sister companies in Australia.

To find out more about what makes Ag-Steel products the leading choice for New Zealand’s horticultural industry, contact our team today.