Ag-Beam system built and braced for growth

10 Apr 2022

Ag-Steel by Industrial Tube offers a suite of horticultural products, including the well-known Ag-Beam, that enable kiwifruit growers to plan for future crop-laden vines.

Ag-Steel’s key account manager Mike Posa says Ag-Steel’s alternative to timber has enabled New Zealand’s kiwifruit growers to transition from green to gold and establish support structures that bear the weight of the golden variety.

“We designed Ag-Steel’s range of products to specifically meet the demands of New Zealand’s kiwifruit growing industry,” says Mike.

“We wanted systems that were easy and efficient to install while still providing growers with the peace of mind their crops were supported and protected. We’ve achieved that with Ag-Beam, Ag-Tri-posts, Ag-Brace and Ag-Wire.”

Ag-Braces are perfect for adding extra strength to your existing structures enabling you to increase load capacity particularly if you have wide bays or side skirts. Ag-Braces are designed for retrofitting onto existing Ag-Beam and timber posts. Ag-Tripost is another tool to consider when you’re thinking about increasing the load-carrying capacity of your orchard structure. Ag-Triposts are designed to work in harmony with Ag-Beam. You’ll find them perfect for easy installation into an existing orchard where you want to halve your bay size by running a 2nd row of Ag-Beam between existing structures.

Mike and his team also offer technical advice for growers considering new developments or preparing for the growth and weight that comes with grafting golden or red onto green in their existing orchards.

“By understanding growers’ requirements, we can advise on the structural requirements that will provide the best support needed,” says Mike.

“You could say our customer service and product expertise is worth its weight in gold!”

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